Jewellery Reports

Jewellery Reports for the Legal Industry

At Independent Valuation Services Ltd, we offer thorough analysis and detailed legal jewellery reports. Get in touch with the details you require for a specific quote to meet your needs

Jewellery Reports for the Legal Sector, including for the purposes of Probate, Divorce Settlement, Proceeds of Crime, etc are the main services that are provided. More often now a Single Joint Expert Witness Statement is required. This is something that Independent Valuation Services Limited has experiece of and is happy to undertake.


The legal profession needs to obtain good professional advice about the Jewellery aspect of a case. The retail sector, most often, is not in a position to give the ongoing particular support that is required for completeness and therefore a call to Independent Valuation Services Limited is the best way to build up an association, to offer your clients the best advice. Our reports are professionally compiled, well-researched and offer good advice.


Laboratory testing and other specialist services, if required, can be provided. Experience of Probate, Divorce Settlement, Proceeds of Crime, General Criminal Cases involving jewellery, are all situations that have been completed previously. We have taken instructions from Solicitors, Insurance Companies, Divorce Courts, Customs & Excise, the Police, Private Individuals, etc.

Providing court evidence

At Independent Valuation Services Ltd, we have expertise in offering complete jewellery valuation. From preparing and giving court evidence to offering jewellery consultancy to the legal trade, we can handle it all.


We undertake jewellery valuation report services across Leeds, London, Liverpool, Cardiff, Bristol, Cambridge, Newcastle upon Tyne, Nottingham and the North of England.

Our services include:

  • Legal jewellery reports
  • Jewellery valuation
  • Watch valuation
  • Jewellery sales
  • Offering a very good pricing scale

Based in Cheshire, and being centrally located, with great transport links, our current clientele are positioned nationally around the UK, mostly in the Manchester, Cheshire, Derbyshire, Yorkshire and Staffordshire counties. I also frequently travel to London, the NorthWest and North East.

For jewellery and watch valuation, call Independent Valuation Services Ltd on 07973 335117 or 01625 500851