Proceeds of Crime Jewellery Valuations

Jewellery Consultant for Criminal Cases


At Independent Valuation Services Ltd, we offer thorough analysis and detailed legal jewellery reports for many reasons. In the past we have worked for the Police and Government agencies, such as VAT and HMRC, perhaps for items brought in through the airports or more often recently cases relating to thefts, burglaries or perhaps drugs, where a jewellery aspect to a claim is considered to be reasonably important, or central. I have also worked on cases where the Trading Standards have had an interest and were looking for an independent view …


Proceeds of Crime


More often recently, when a crime is being investigated, part of the investigation looks to see if there has been any potential financial reward, possibly from that crime. It is up to the person in possession of the property/jewellery to be able to prove how much the jewellery was and how they came to in possession and when. This is often difficult over a period of time. The Prosecution will often place current retail values for items, leaving the accused to make their representations to prove a value, time of ownership, etc, re the items concerned. Getting an independent view of the value of the items of jewellery concerned can give the best protection or line of prosecution. We are often requested to work as a Joint Single Witness in an independent manner, to achieve the fairest outcome.



Independent Jewellery Valuations Ltd are experienced in completing legal reports and will always be available to support and follow up the report and attend court to give evidence. Contact us today to discuss your particular requirements.

Based in Macclesfield, Cheshire, and being centrally located, with great transport links, our current clientele are positioned nationally around the UK, but mostly in the Manchester, Cheshire, Derbyshire, Yorkshire and Staffordshire counties. I also frequently travel to London, Wales and the North East.

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