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Independent Valuation Services Ltd is a business that prides itself for offering a service that can be tailored to your needs. Insurance Valuations for the trade and public, reports for the legal industries, including Probate, Divorce Settlement, Proceeds of Crime, etc are the main services that are provided. Also working on behalf of the Police and Insurance Companies in a Witness or Consultative role.


I have worked in the jewellery sector since 1978, bringing an excess of forty years’ experience and development, to present to you a professional jewellery consultancy, offering a prompt service, that is adaptable to meet your requirements.


My reputation has been built-up, over forty years of regular trade among my present customers, for producing professional jewellery appraisals, legal reports and also producing special pieces of jewellery commissioned for specific purposes. Repairs, remounts and supplying of stones, to replace or match the customer’s expectations, are all part of the portfolio of the services I offer.

Jewellery Valuations

Independent Valuation Services Ltd specialises in Jewellery Valuations, mainly for Insurance Purposes, but also for Probate, Divorce Proceedings, Sale Between Parties and for any reason requested…..

Jewellery Sales

At Independent Valuation Services Ltd, we pride ourselves in providing a good, personal and professional service in helping to make that special piece of jewellery for you, for your special occasion. Engagements, weddings, anniversaries. All occasions that depend on the personal experience, your home visit means that you are in your most comfortable surroundings to make the right choices for you …

Jewellery Reports

At Independent Valuation Services Ltd, we offer thorough analysis and detailed legal Jewellery reports for many reasons. In the past we have worked for the Police and the Government agencies, such as VAT and HMRC, perhaps for items brought in through the airports or more often recently cases relating to thefts, burglaries or perhaps drugs, where a jewellery aspect to a claim is considered to be reasonably important, or central. I have also worked on cases where the Trading Standards have had an interest and were looking for an independent view …

Probate Jewellery Valuations

Jewellery reports for Probate are becoming more important, with the recent rise in precious metal and gemstone prices and the general volatility of the relevant markets in exchange rates etc., it is more important to get the correct valuation, at this difficult time. When planning for a Home Visit, this assists the person organizing the Estate at this difficult time. If preferred the items of jewellery can be removed and returned later when the report is complete, which ever suits your requirements best.  A relative has died, now you need to divide the jewellery, but how? If you are settling an estate, this is the valuation you need both to ensure the jewellery aspect of the financial affairs are stated accurately and perhaps to assist in a fair distribution among the heirs…

Proceeds of Crime Jewellery Valuations

More often recently, when a crime is being investigated, part of the investigation looks to see if there has been any financial reward, possibly from that crime. It is up to the person in possession of the jewellery to be able to prove how much the jewellery was. This is often difficult over a period. The Prosecution will often place current retail values for items, leaving the accused to make their representations to prove a value, otherwise. Getting an independent view of the value of the items of jewellery concerned can give the best protection or line of prosecution. We are often requested to work as a Joint Single Witness in an independent manner, to achieve the fairest outcome. Valuing jewellery classified as the proceeds of crime (POCA), is not entirely straightforward. The starting point is that value means ‘market value’, s79 PoCA 2002…

Divorce Settlement Jewellery Valuations

Family division is the heading to cover the divorce valuations, divide property between parties. There is often, not surprisingly, a conflict of opinion as to the value of jewelry. More often couples considering Divorce Proceedings are needing to have the jewellery examined and an independent report completed. I work in association with a number of firms of solicitors, who find that having regular contact and working with IVS Ltd, means that their clients get the best, most personal and prompt service. Whether a High Net Worth Client or someone who would benefit from the more personal service of a Home Visit, rather than discussing their requirements in a retail jewellers. Get in touch now to make the necessary arrangements

An Expert Team


At Independent Valuation Services Ltd we pride ourselves in providing a fully qualified, respected and Institute of Registered Valuers valuer, with over forty years of experience in the jewellery industry, the last twenty-seven years, running my own consultancy. By choosing IVS Ltd, you can be sure to receive a top-quality service.

Services we offer:


  • Jewellery Valuations – Insurance, Probate, Sale Between Parties
  • Jewellery Sales – Engagement, Wedding, Anniversaries, Special Occasions
  • Jewellery Reports for Legal Purposes
  • Home Visits
  • Examination and Reports by an Expert
  • Good Independent Advice

We are happy to help you


If you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always on hand to discuss your requirements. Email or call to make the initial enquiry and we shall arrange to give your request the best service…

Based in Macclesfield, Cheshire, and being centrally located, with great transport links, our current clientele are positioned nationally around the UK, but mostly in the Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire, Derbyshire, Yorkshire and Staffordshire counties. I also frequently travel to London, Wales and the North East.

For accurate jewellery valuation in, call Independent Valuation Services Ltd on 07973 335117 or 01625 500851